March 29 2016 0Comment

Zach Engel

“I like being able to take care of our customers on any project needs.”

As a fencing professional for 15 years, Zach has had the opportunity to work on over 2,000 Dakota Unlimited projects.  His favorite projects are custom wood fences, where he gets to see how Dakota’s craftsmanship stands apart from any other company.

Some of the experiences he’s had have been a bit surprising as well.  While he won’t admit to it directly, there’s rumor he may have accidently shot himself in the rear with a nail gun once.  But, his preferred surprises are the fun and interesting people he gets to meet while on the job, everyday meeting someone new.

When not working on Dakota Unlimited projects, Zach enjoys golfing, watching football, camping, and going to the lake. Someday he hopes to go to the Masters’ Golf Tournament as well.