March 29 2016 0Comment

Todd Thoennes

“I love creating one-of-a-kind designs, works of art that stand the test of time.”

With nearly 40 years of steel and iron fabrication experience, Todd has the elite craftsmanship and expertise that make Dakota Unlimited’s wrought iron and steel designs true works of art.  He’s always up for the challenging project, especially when the client provides unique concepts and ideas.

He gets the his biggest satisfaction out of driving by the custom built projects he’s worked on and seeing how beautiful they still are, years after the install. He likes knowing the project was built to withstand the test of time, a work of art people will enjoy long after he’s gone.

When not using his artistic skills in the shop, Todd enjoys building custom cars and motorcycles with big engines and lots of horsepower.  Plus, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and finding time to decompress.  Someday he hopes to travel to each state within the U.S.