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Dakota Unlimited Implementing New Software

CFS stands for “Computer Fencing System,” but what it really means is faster and more accurate estimates.

Dakota Unlimited is breaking through their old-school ways of handwritten contracts and timely estimates, and we are implementing the fencing world’s top of the line computer system.

What exactly does CFS do? To put it simply CFS is a program that allows for quick estimates, efficient reporting, and easy visualization. This system has many benefits for both Dakota Unlimited and our customers. Three main benefits include:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Eliminates mistakes;
  • Produces a wide array of sales aids and reports.

Increasing Productivity is at the top of our list for a reason. CFS is efficient to use because all the elements are together on a single device. This allows us the ability to multitask, which saves time on each fencing project, giving the customer a quicker turnaround.

Benefiting Dakota Unlimited 

When it comes to benefiting Dakota Unlimited, CFS provides an endless amount for every person in this company.  CFS will put Dakota Unlimited above our competition by benefiting us in the following ways:

  • Save us money on printing costs. Because mostly everything will now be done electronically, Dakota Unlimited will be “going green” with a paperless way of working.
  • Make our Sales Reps more efficient and allowing for more time with each customer. Since we will be saving on time, we will be able to bid more commercial jobs, which will help continue Dakota Unlimited’s growth throughout the Twin Cities.
  • CFS will allow us to provide a customer with a bid for every kind of fence we offer with the touch of a button.
  • Give our shop/ foreman/ office employees more detailed and standardized paperwork, making us more accurate in our work.
  • Make pricing fixed from one sales rep to another.
  • Training new hires will be a lot easier and will guarantee that they are giving good prices.
  • CFS has the ability to run our inventory through it, making over the counter sales more efficient.

Benefiting our Customers

Here at Dakota Unlimited, our main priority is customer satisfaction. As a nine-time recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award, we focus on building strong relationships with our customers. CFS will only enhance these relationships. With the new computer system, customers will find benefits in several different ways:

  • Have access to multiple bids in a short amount of time.
  • Guaranteed a great price, free from errors.
  • Will be given a contract complete with all the details needed, and a shop drawing of the fence style they have chosen. They will be rest assured that everything they want is accounted for.
  • Receive more accurate phone quotes and budget numbers right when they call in.

Benefiting Both

  • The bidding process will appear to be more standardized and formal, meaning consistent for each Sales Rep for every type of fence. This allows for both our employees and customers to know what to expect in this process.

Before CFS

Before CFS, everything was done by hand, which was time-consuming and inefficient. When CFS came out almost 15 years ago, Dakota Unlimited looked into buying the software program, and without everyone’s awareness, it was actually purchased.

Almost everyone was on board with getting the program 15 years ago, and the same goes for implementing it now. It did, however, need someone to step up and take charge when it came to getting the lengthy setup process started. Tony Deeb, one of Dakota Unlimited Sales Reps, took the initiative and started the process.

“Since I have started at Dakota Unlimited last year, I saw a need for a software program that made bidding easier, faster and more streamlined for everyone.”—Tony

A representative from CFS came and worked closely with Tony, putting in close to 70 hours in one week to help with the setup and training of our Dakota Unlimited employees. All office employees gathered around Carol, the CFS Rep, one afternoon and got a little taste of what the program can do. More training will be done once the entire program is set up and underway.

With this new software program, Dakota Unlimited plans to increase the number of fence projects built each year, allow our employees an efficient way of working and gain even more customer satisfaction.

We, at Dakota Unlimited, look forward to a faster and more efficient way of working and hope our customers will too.