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Blessed with the Best: Employees

Here at Dakota Unlimited, we have over 100 years of combined experience ready to serve you in any way that we can. From our owners, office workers and crew members, Dakota Unlimited has been home to these employees for decades.

Carol Schmitz is one of these loyal employees.

Looking back at her career, Carol has been with the company from the very beginning.

As a young woman in her 30s, Carol had recently found herself out of work and was looking forward to a little break before getting back on the job search.

But to her surprise, the break didn’t last very long.

Carol was soon approached by one of the 3 “founding fathers” of Dakota Unlimited, Lee Knutson who was in need of a couple extra hands around the office. Knutson, and partners Tom and Chuck Engelmeier, thought she would be a great help for their up-and-coming fence company.

Carol was open to learning more about the position, so she came in the following day to talk business, and without hesitation, Knutson handed her the job right there on the spot.

This was 28 years ago.

Still working at Dakota Unlimited, Carol is our Administrative Assistant and is in charge of our Account Payable Department.

She was along for the ride, as Dakota Unlimited grew into a highly successful fence company in the greater Twin Cities. Carol describes this journey to be a memorable one.

“I wouldn’t have imagined that being approached by Lee that day would have resulted in all of this,” said Carol, “I am lucky to have been a part of the Dakota family for all these years, and to have been able to watch it grow.”

Knutson, who has since retired from the business, made a huge impact by hiring one of Dakota Unlimited’s longest working employees.

Today, Carol is just as involved as she was 28 years ago. The one who never forgets to give a birthday card or make her rounds wishing everyone a “Good Morning,” she is, and always will be, a key component to the success of Dakota Unlimited.