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Five Reasons to Fence Your Yard


Are you deciding on whether or not to fence your yard?  Here are 5 reasons to get started on that fence project and find a trusted fence builder:

  1. Keep pets and children safe.  One of the most common reasons people choose to fence a yard is to keep their pets or small children protected from a busy street or from wandering outside of the view of a guardian.  Your new fence from Dakota Unlimited helps keep those you love more secure.
  2. Curb Appeal.  Installing a new fence will make your yard appear more landscaped and often improves your curb appeal.  The fences from Dakota Unlimited are made with the highest quality materials to ensure you receive a boost in curb appeal.  Take a look at our image gallery of fence styles to see how a fence can become a dramatic centerpiece to your landscaping.
  3. Enhanced security on your premises.  A fence immediately adds an extra barrier to any sort of burglary or trespassing onto your property.  A fence may help to discourage a potential burglary because you are adding an extra layer of protection.  At Dakota Unlimited, we also offer security gates if you are looking for that level of security.
  4. Privacy.  A new fence for your Minnesota yard will help you to enjoy your yard and perhaps a patio with more privacy from neighbors or from a busy front street.  We offer custom fences for you to choose the amount of privacy you would like in your new fence.
  5. Define property lines from your neighbors.  Fences commonly help to add markers to your property and where the lines are.  While this is sometimes a gray area between neighbors, the fence can become an agreed upon representation of the property lines.

A new fence is a worthwhile investment and when you work with Minnesota’s premier fence contractor – Dakota Unlimited – your investment is there to last with our 5-year warranty and dedication to quality.  Contact us today with any questions about starting the process.



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